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Penyediaan Pelan Strategic PPMKSAR 2010-2011

Aktiviti yang dirancangkan untuk tahun 2010-2011 akan dimuatnaik dalam masa terdekat.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Senarai AJK Baru PPMKSAR 2009-2011

Puan Korina Ibrahim (UNIMAS)
Puan Siti Sumaizan Ramli (UNIMAS)
Encik Wan Mazli Bin Wan Razali (Pustaka)
Puan Kasuma Dewi (IPGTAR)
Encik Valentino Abu Bakar (UNIMAS)
Biro Sosial dan Kebajikan:
Cik Dayang Zarina Abang Ismail (Swinburne)
Encik Wan Abdul Rahman (UNIMAS)
Cik Norassima Sitam (Pustaka)
Biro Perkhd dan Latihan:
Puan Imilia Ibrahim (UiTM)
Puan Sabariah Abdul Samad (UiTM)
Puan Hayati Sabil (Pustaka)
Biro Penerbitan dan Publisiti:
Cik Huzaimah Abdul Rani (UNIMAS)
Puan Roslinda Hanim Mohd Yusoff (PSUPS)
Encik Adenan Sedi (Swinburne)
Biro Perhubungan dan Teknikal
Puan Norlida Ismailly (UiTM)
Encik James Hillary Andrew (HUS)
Encik Kiprawi Sani (Politeknik Kuching)

Friday, February 22, 2008



Author – Organising Committee, Librarian Association of Malaysia (Sarawak Chapter)

Purpose - To report on the International Library Conference 2007; Sarawak held in 12-14 July 2007 in Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia.

Design/methodology approach – Provides a review of some of the events of the conference.

Finding – It is a two days conference and a day workshop that involves librarian and information management professionals focusing on the theme “Libraries and sustainable development: perspectives on the future”

Originality/value – It is a useful summary to library and information management professionals.


Keyword(s): Conferences, Sustainable development, IFLA’s statement, Libraries Association


Kuching, a city well-known for its rich cultural heritage was the venue for the 1st Sarawak International Library Conference, 12-14 July 2007. The theme of the conference was “Libraries and sustainable development: perspectives on the future” featured plenary sessions, conference papers, library vendors and cultural exhibits and social programs that kept the 120 delegates from 10 countries thoroughly engaged and on the go.

The conference was organised by Librarian Association of Malaysia in partnership with the Sarawak State Government, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, University Malaysia Sarawak, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus) and Maxis (Malaysia) as the main sponsor for the conference.

The objectives of the conference were to support the IFLA’s statement on libraries and sustainable development (IFLA Glasgow 2002), to give new insights on libraries and sustainable development and to enhance the roles of libraries in sustainable development initiatives.

It was a two days conference at Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel and a day workshop at University Malaysia Sarawak. During the two days conference, a total of 13 papers were presented in 3 plenary sessions and all of the papers were published on the conference website (http://www.ilc2007.netmyne.com/). Three parallel workshops addressed specific themes on event management, balance score card and key performance indicators for librarians.

A fascinating opening keynote address was given by Tan Sri Hamid Bugo, the Patron for the Librarian Association of Malaysia (Sarawak Chapter). His addressed the global perspective on the development of library and the importance of global thinking that can redefine the role and the functions of libraries in context of becoming relevant to the knowledge society.

Session 1 (1st day) : Focusing on the IFLA’s statement of libraries and sustainable development, the 1st plenary session, featured five speakers from Malaysia, United States of America (USA), Indonesia and Iran, chaired by Puteri Saniah Megat Abdul Rahman, President, Librarian Association of Malaysia. John Hickok of California State University and Ida F. Priyanto of Gadjah Mada University Library, noted the important step forward in relation to library networking and how to effectively involve people, government agencies and universities in the initiatives.

Abdur Rahman Ebrahim of Maxis (Malaysia) outlined the creative practices that have accompanied information technology advancement citing community projects that have been done by Maxis. Hamid Kazemi of University of Iran used the Iranian Scientific Information and Documentation Center as the model for the market-centric organization analysis and Professor Syed Salim Agha of International Islamic University of Malaysia, immerse the delegates on how library can take the challenges to sustainability in inspiring library towards excellence.

Session 2 (1st day): Chaired by Mohd Sharif Mohd Saad, Vice President 1, Librarian Association of Malaysia, the second session continued to discuss the theme by focusing on new insights on libraries and sustainable development. Farshid Danesh and Mina Afshar from Department of Medical Library and Information Sciences, provided literature review on the development of Resources Description and Access (RDA) for the digital environment.

Issues on digital libraries and sustainable development continue to fascinate the audience which was elaborated further by Dr. Shahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce of University Malaysia Sarawak and Soraya Ziaei of Ferdowsi University, Iran. Dr. Shahren Adruce challenged the audience to really think about the concept of information sharing and the technological protection measures that have greatly impacted the process of transforming traditional collection to digital. Soraya, meanwhile analyses the development strategy for Iranian digital libraries.

Investigating and assessing job satisfaction among academic librarians in eight university libraries in West Malaysia was conducted by Noor Harun Abdul Karim of Islamic International University, Malaysia. The findings showed that the variables that did correlate with job satisfaction were: affective commitment, job autonomy, job performance feedback, role conflict, role clarity and organizational tenure.

Session 3 (2nd day): The third session looked at the roles of libraries in sustainable development initiatives chaired by Margaret Simeng, Chief Librarian, University Malaysia Sarawak. It featured presentations by Susan Roberts of Swinburne University of Technology, Australia who explores some sustainability issues that relate to library services for a growing cohort of online university students in Australia and Imilia Ibrahim and Che Zainab Hj Abdullah of University Technology Mara outlined findings from the faculty institutional repositories in enhancing and to advance the process of scholarly communication. From different perspectives both speakers stressed the benefits and challenges for librarians and information professionals in the new millennium.

In relation to sustaining the rural community in the region both Yupin Chancharoensin of Chulalongkorn University and Alvin Yeo of University Malaysia Sarawak, detailed the creation of King Bhumipol Royal Project and eBario pilot project respectively. They both enthralled the delegates with their perspectives on how university community and ICT can deliver sustainable human development to remote rural communities.

Siti Zakiah Aman, the Director General, National Library Malaysia, gave a thought-provoking closing keynote address. In her closing keynote address, Siti Zakiah began her talk with a discussion of her personal experience and challenges in spearheading the National Library. Quoting heavily from various National Library projects and initiatives, the closing keynote has fulfilled the conference theme “Libraries and sustainable development: perspectives on the future” by reiterating that librarians and information professionals need to meet the global challenges in the sustainable world.

The conference was officially closed with a conference summary and closing remark reported by the chairperson of the organizing committee, Rashidah Bolhassan. In her closing remark, she concluded that based on the paper presented and discussions being carried out, librarians and information professionals globally have envisioned what libraries can explore and contribute as we move into the sustainable development era. Global challenges in the library such as the financial impact on the global economic growth, information and communication technology and intellectual property, are met by empowering the community and creating collaborative efforts or partnership with related peer institutions. However, librarians shouldn’t sit on their laurels, as we also need to think big following the rapid growth in the library spheres. Finally, she applauded the success of the conference, highlighting the importance of great teamwork among the committee members of the Librarian Association of Malaysia. She hoped to bring the conference to a new level that will again provide high quality content of papers as part of its contribution to the librarians from all over the world.

On the 1st day of the conference, Emerald Insight had generously sponsored The K-Trends and Cats cocktail event to commemorate their 40th anniversary and the highlights of the evening was the cake cutting ceremony by Rashidah Bolhassan. Hour followed by good food, drinks and lucky draws from Emerald Insights.

Later in the evening of 12 July, the conference State Banquet hosted by the Pustaka Negeri Sarawak was held at the Sarawak Chamber Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Riverside Hotel and officiated by the guest of honour, the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, Tan Sri Datuk George Chan. All delegates, library vendors and guests were entertained with traditional dances of all ethnic groups in Sarawak.

Further highlight was the Rainforest Music Festival which is an annual event in Sarawak. It is a unique festival that brings together world renowned musicians from all over the world within the green grounds of the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) at the foothill of Mount Santubong, outside Kuching. Delegates were transported to SCV at 6.00pm where they were entertained by ethno musicians up till the wee hour 12am!

Finally delegates committed themselves to the workshop, the next day held at Centre for Academic Information Services (CAIS), University Malaysia Sarawak the 8th Public University in Malaysia located at Kota Samarahan, 30km from Kuching. The overall objective of the three parallel workshop sessions was to analyse key issues pertaining to library and information services as gateways to knowledge and culture. The moderators for the workshops were Putri Saniah Megat Abdul Rahman, Azahar Mohd Noor of PETRONAS and Mohd Sharif Mohd Saad. The experience speakers engaged themselves in discussions and Q&A to identify common problems and solutions related to the themes. After the workshops, delegates were treated to a Samarahan Lunch – a sumptuous local lunch. The day was concluded with a tour of the CAIS, the hi-tech new library – an appropriate finale to a well organized, informative and excellent library conference and it is hoped that the next conference will be held in the next two years to come.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

PPMKSAR members got recognition

Rashidah Bolhassan profile portrays on SABATI Women’s Museum

Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia Kumpulan Sarawak, Chairperson, Rashidah Bolhassan has been honoured by the Badan Amal Tenaga Isteri-Isteri (SABATI) in their SABATI Women’s Museum – an exhibition that portrays outstanding women of Sarawak.

Rashidah’s contributions to the librarian profession have been profound and in addition to her work she has also been involved with many library projects and some have ranged well beyond that. Her career as the Chief Executive Officer to the Pustaka Negeri Sarawak and her professional agenda for the Sarawak community is recognized by the Honours Award of the Pegawai Bintang Kenyalang – Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak.

It is great pleasure for PPMKSAR to have her as our Chairperson as she brings exuberance, intelligence and commitment to the association and PPMKSAR is pleased to see her contributions recognized.

Congratulations to Levas Mejus on her receipt of The Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence for 2007

Levas Mejus, Chief Librarian of the Curtin University of Technology (Sarawak Campus) has been awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence 2007 from Curtin University of Technology (Australia).

As the Chief Librarian for the Sarawak Campus in Miri, Levas has helped to establish the library to become the central pillar of teaching and learning. This award certainly gives recognition and the contribution of librarians to the university and its community.

The library profession in Malaysia and particularly in Sarawak is proud of the contributions made by Rashidah and Levas.

Prepared by Dayang Zarina Abang Ismail

Friday, January 19, 2007

“PPMKSAR Appreciation Hi-Tea and ILC2007 Preview”

Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia Kumpulan Sarawak [PPM Kumpulan Sararwak] telah menganjurkan “PPMKSAR Appreciation Hi-Tea and ILC2007 Preview” untuk meraikan semua ahli-ahlinya di Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suite, Kuching pada 17 Januari 2007.

Presiden PPM, Yang Berusaha Puan Putri Saniah Megat Abdul Rahman dan Setiausaha Kehormat, Puan Maimunah Kadir selaku tetamu kehormat telah sudi hadir ke program tersebut.

Majlis dimulakan dengan ucapan aluan oleh Pengerusi PPMKSAR, Puan Rashidah Haji Bolhassan. Beliau mengalukan kehadiran dan penglibatan semua ahli PPMKSAR ke dalam aktiviti-aktiviti yang dijalankan oleh PPM sebagai tanda sokongan kepada persatuan dan juga profesion kepustakawanan.

Tetamu yang hadir juga telah diberi taklimat mengenai Persidangan peringkat antarabangsa yang akan dianjurkan oleh PPMKSAR pada Julai 2007 ini. Penganjuran persidangan ini merupakan mandat yang telah diberikan oleh PPM Induk. Persidangan Perpustakaan Antarabangsa tersebut akan diadakan di Hotel Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching, pada 12 – 14 Julai 2007. Puan Roslinda Hanim Binti Mohd Yusoff, Biro Penerbitan dan Publisiti telah diberi kepercayaan untuk menyampaikan taklimat tersebut kepada hadirin.

Presiden PPM Induk telah sudi merasmikan pelancaran laman web persidangan pada majlis tersebut. Laman web tersebut boleh dilayari di

Acara kemuncak majlis ini apabila semua hadirin dihidangkan dengan ceramah bertajuk “Library Professions and Direction” oleh Yang Berusaha Puan Putri Saniah Megat Abdul Rahman. Ceramah yang penuh informatif itu telah membuka minda para Pustakawan muda dan bakal Pustakawan dari Fakulti Pengajian Maklumat, UiTM Kampus Samarahan untuk memahami dengan lebih mendalam tentang prospek, cabaran dan kemahiran yang perlu ada pada seorang Pustakawan.

Jasa mantan ahli-ahli jawatankuasa PPMKSAR tidak dilupakan dan sumbangan mereka dalam menerajui sesi 2004-2006 amat besar dan perlu dihargai. Sijil Penghargaan disampaikan oleh Puan Presiden bagi mengabadikan ucapan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada mereka. Selain itu, sijil penghargaan juga diberikan kepada para pelajar semesta akhir Diploma Pengurusan Maklumat, Fakulti Pengajian Maklumat di atas sumbangan dalam merekabentuk laman web “International Library Conference [ILC2007].

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

International Library Conference 2007 in Sarawak

Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia Kumpulan Sarawak [PPMKSAR] has been given the mandate by the Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia [PPM] Headquarters to organize the International Library Conference in 2007 [ILC2007]. The theme of the conference is “Libraries and Sustainable Development: Perspective on the Future”. The conference is scheduled on 12-14 July 2007 in one of the hotels in the capital city of Sarawak.

Local and international speakers are invited to present their papers in the conference. The conference participation is open to librarians, knowledge workers and whoever from local and overseas who wish to enhance their knowledge and experiences on this topics.

Those who interested to present papers in the conference are welcome to submit the abstract of their topics to the ILC2007 Secretariat on or before 15 February 2007 and the closing for the paper submission of on 15 May 2007.

For further enquiry about the ILC2007, please contact the secretariat at 082-442000 (Wan Mazli) or 082-583837 (Korina) or e-mail to
ppmksar@sarawaknet.gov.my or visit the PPM website at http://www.ppm55.org.my

Saturday, December 09, 2006

PPMKSAR Anjur Persidangan Antarabangsa di Sarawak

Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia Kumpulan Sarawak [PPMKSAR] telah diberi mandat oleh Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia [PPM] untuk menganjurkan persidangan antarabangsa iaitu “Libraries and sustainable development: perspective on the future” pada 12-14 Julai 2007 di salah sebuah hotel terkemuka di ibunegeri Sarawak.

Penceramah jemputan tempatan dan antarabangsa dijangka membentangkan kertas persidangan pada persidangan tersebut. Penyertaan ke persidangan adalah terbuka kepada para Pustakawan, Pegawai Maklumat, Pembuat polisi dan sesiapa sahaja samada dari dalam dan luar negara yang berminat untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut tentang topik persidangan tersebut.

Abstrak kertas persidangan boleh dihantar pada atau sebelum 15 Febuari 2007 dan tarikh tutup penghantaran kertas persidangan adalah pada 15 Mei 2006.

Sebarang pertanyaan mengenai persidangan ini boleh menghubungi Setiausaha PPMKSAR, En Wan Mazli Wan Razali di talian 082-442000 samb. 105 dan Puan Korina Ibrahim di talian

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ramah Tamah Aidil Fitri

Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidil Fitri anjuran PPM Kumpulan Sarawak telah diadakan di Pusat Khidmat Maklumat dan Akademik, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak pada 6 November 2007.

Ahli-ahli PPM yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum di sekitar Kuching telah datang bersama-sama untuk meraikan sambutan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri ini.

Tetamu dihidangkan dengan juadah Hari Raya yang cukup enak dan menyelerakan. Majlis ini juga dapat mengeratkan lagi hubungan silaturrahim sesama ahli yang hanya dapat berkumpul bersama di dalam program seperti ini.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Majlis Berbuka Puasa

Biro Sosial dan Kebajikan PPMKSAR telah menganjurkan majlis berbuka puasa di kalangan ahli pada 25 September 2006 yang lalu. Majlis ini diadakan di Windows of the Lake, Pustaka Negeri Sarawak. Seramai 30 orang ahli telah hadir. Majlis ini bertujuan untuk mengeratkan silaturahim sesama ahli.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Perbarisan Hari Kemerdekaan ke 49 Kontinjen KeKKWa

Perbarisan Hari Kemerdekaan ke 49 Kontinjen KeKKWa

Kontinjen KeKKWa diwakili oleh staf-staf dari pejabat Kementerian dan agensi-agensi di bawahnya seperti Jabatan Warisan, Jabatan Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia, staf gunamasa PNM dari Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang, Institut Perguruan Tun Abdul Razak, Politeknik Kuching, staf dari Kerajaan Negeri seperti Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Perpustakaan Negeri Sabah, staf perpustakaan dari Majlis Daerah sekitar Sarawak seperti Padawan, Sibu. Bandaraya Kuching, Sarawak telah dipilih untuk menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan peringkat kebangsaan.



Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bengkel Perancangan Strategik dan Pengurusan

Bengkel ini telah dianjurkan oleh Pusat Khidmat Maklumat Akademik, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak bersama Persatuan Pustakawan Malaysia Kumpulan Sarawak pada 3-4 Julai 2006. Seramai 19 peserta dari pelbagai organisasi di Semenanjung dan Sarawak telah menghadiri bengkel ini.

Ia telah dirasmikan oleh Prof Murtedza Mohamad, Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan dan Inovasi) UNIMAS.

Di dalam bengkel ini, perbincangan adalah meliputi bagaimana untuk merancang dan mengetuai pelan pengurusan strategik di dalam Perpustakaan dan Pusat Maklumat. Ia juga menekankan rasional pengurusan strategik, perancangan seperti misi, visi, matlamat dan objektif. Aspek lain yang dibincangkan adalah seperti proses mengimplementasi yang merangkumi polisi, peraturan, prosidur dan bagaimana menguruskan perubahan, konflik dan krisis dalam menjayakan semua perancangan strategik yang telah diputuskan.

Proffesor Dr. Szarina Abdullah dari Bahagian Penyelidikan dan Perundingan, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam bertindak sebagai penceramah.

Objektif bengkel ini adalah untuk mempertingkatkan pengetahuan terhadap perancangan strategik dan membolehkan para peserta menimba pengetahuan di dalam proses-proses yang terlibat di dalam merancang pengurusan strategik kepada organisasi mereka.

Di harapkan semua peserta mendapat manfaat daripada bengkel ini dan terima kasih kepada semua staf CAIS UNIMAS dan PPMKSAR kerana menjayakan bengkel ini.

Friday, June 16, 2006

(ihsan berita dari Setiausaha PPMKSAR, En Wan Mazli bin Wan Razali)

Rombongan para Pustakawan dan pegawai Pustaka Negeri Sarawak, Unit ICT, Jabatan Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Sarawak Information System Sdn. Bhd. dan Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (DBKU) telah mengadakan lawatan ke PPIK Kampung Telaga Air, Kuching Sarawak pada Sabtu, 10 Jun 2006 jam 9.30 pagi.

Tujuan lawatan diadakan adalah bertujuan untuk meninjau perkembangan kemudahan yang disediakan oleh Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi (KTAK) di Perpustakaan desa berkenaan.

PPIK adalah satu program biayaan KTAK yang diperkenalkan pada 2005 bagi merapatkan jurang digital diantara penduduk Bandar dan luar Bandar. Program PPIK ini dibangunkan di atas perpustakaan desa dibawah projek Pemberian Perkhidmatan Sejagat (PPS) atau “Universal Service Provision (USP)”. Projek PPS adalah penyediaan infrastruktur ICT untuk penambahbaikan sesebuah perpustakaan di kawasan luar Bandar. Manakala PPIK adalah penyediaan sumber manusia yang terlatih bagi membantu kominiti memanfaatkan infrastruktur ICT yang disediakan untuk bagi meningkatkan tahap celik maklumat yang sekaligus meningkatkan taraf hidup masyarakat setempat.

PPIK berfungsi untuk:-
* menyediakan perkhidmatan infrastruktur komunikasi dan kemudahan capaian Internet di kawasan luar bandar, pinggir bandar dan pedalaman;
* merapatkan jurang digital antara masyarakat di kawasan bandar dan luar bandar serta masyarakat luar jangkau (underserve community); dan
*menyediakan latihan dan kemahiran ICT kepada masyarakat di kawasan luar bandar, pinggir bandar dan pedalaman.

Kampung Telaga Air terletak di pinggir Bandaraya Kuching. Perjalanan ke kampung ini adalah selama lebih kurang lima puluh minit dari pusat Bandar. Kebanyakan penduduk adalah dari kalangan bangsa Melayu beragama Islam. Nelayan dan Petani adalah pekerjaan utama masyarakat di sini. Ianya telah dipilih sebagai tapak perintis program PPIK di Negeri Sarawak tahun 2005 kesan dari sambutan yang amat menggalakan dari masyarakat tempatan tentang peri pentingnya perpustkaan di kampung mereka. Perpustakaan Kampung Telaga Air diletakan dibawah bidang kuasa Majlis Perbandaran Padawan.

Sepanjang lawatan para Pustakawan dan pegawai tersebut telah diberi penerangan tentang PPIK Telaga Air. Rombongan lawatan juga berpeluang melihat program literasi maklumat dan komputer untuk warga emas yang dikendalikan oleh penyelia yang telah dilantik oleh KTAK iaitu Cik Mariani Mohamad bersama dengan Ahli Jawatankuasa beliau.

Semenjak dilaksana PPIK pada 2 Mei 2006 beliau telah melatih seramai 101 warga Kampung Telaga Air.

Antara aktiviti lain yang turut diadakan di PPIK adalah:-
* Sesi pengenalan kepada internet dan laman web yang berkaitan dengan kerjaya mereka.
* Memperkenalkan laman-laman web kerajaan
* Penggunaan komunikasi dalam talian melalui mel elektronik.

Dilihat program PPIK anjuran KTAK amat bermakna untuk masyarat luar Bandar. Sambutan yang diterima selepas program PPIK ini dilancerkan amat menggalakkan daripada para peserta kerana melalui program ini mereka dapat meningkatkan pengetahuan dalam bidang yang diceburi serta dapat mencetuskan idea-idea baru yang bernas untuk kepentingan mereka sama ada dari segi kerjaya atau maklumat untuk meningkatkan tahap literasi.

KTAK telah manambahbaik 104 Perpustakaan Awam dan Desa di Negeri Sarawak hasil dari Projek USP yang dilaksanakan mengikut fasa bermula dari fasa ke-2 pada 2003 sehingga fasa ke-4 pada 2005. KTAK telah meneruskan projek ini dengan fasa ke-5 pada 2006. Program PPIK juga diteruskan, dan Pustaka Negeri Sarawak telah mencadangkan 35 tapak dari kalangan tapak-tapak USP sedia ada untuk program ini.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Jutaan terima kasih dan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan diucapkan untuk bekas ahli jawatankuasa PPMKSAR sessi 2004-2006 atas jasa yang diberikan terhadap persatuan iaitu:

Puan Margaret Simeng (UNIMAS)
Mantan Pengerusi

En MacFarlaine (UNIMAS)

En Valentino (UNIMAS)

Puan Siti Sumaizan
Naib Bendahari

Puan Korina Ibrahim
Biro Latihan

Puan Roslinda Hanim Mohd Yusoff (MPBL)
En James Hillay Andrew (MPTAR)
Cik Khadijah (Jabatan Penerangan)
Biro Sosial

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Sesi pemilihan jawatankuasa PPMKSAR Sesi April 2006 – April 2008 ini telah dibuat dihadapan seramai 21 orang ahli PPMKSAR yang hadir pada sesi Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan PPMKSAR 2006, pada Sabtu, 6 Mei 2006 bertempat di Pusat Khidmat Maklumat Akademik (CAIS) UNIMAS.

Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Dilantik yang mengendalikan sesi pengundian adalah terdiri daripada:-

Encik Valentino Abu Bakar (UNIMAS)

Pegawai Mengira Undi:
Puan Imilia Ibrahim (UiTM)
Puan Habibah Matadi (UNIMAS)
Cik Emildawati binti Abdul Hamid (UNIMAS)

Setelah undian dibuat dan semua keputusan dipersetujui semua ahli yang hadir maka berikut adalah:-


Puan Rashidah Binti Haji Bolhassan (Pustaka)

Encik Wan Mazli Bin Wan Razali (Pustaka)

Encik Valentino Abu Bakar (UNIMAS)

Cik Dayang Zarina Abang Ismail (Swinburne University of Technology)
Biro Sosial dan Kebajikan

Puan Roslinda Hanim Mohd Yusoff (Institut Perguruan Batu Lintang)
Biro Penerbitan dan Publisiti

Puan Korina Ibrahim (UNIMAS)
Encik Jamaluddin Haji Sulaiman (UiTM)
Biro Latihan

Puan Imilia Ibrahim (UiTM)
Biro Teknologi Maklumat

Tahniah pada semua dan semoga dapat menjalankan tanggungjawab yang telah diamanahkan.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ucapan Pengerusi PPMKSAR Sesi 2006/08
(Oleh wakil: Wan Mazli Bin Wan Razali)

Puan Margaret Simeng, Bekas Pengerusi PPMKSAR Sesi Mac 2004 – Mac 2006, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekelian

Terlebih dahulu saya sebagai wakil Pengerusi PPMKSAR Sesi April 2006 – April 2008 memaklumkan bahawa beliau mengucapkan terima kasih di atas perlantikan ini dan mandat yang diterima untuk menerajui PPMKSAR untuk penggal 2006 – 2008.

Perlantikan jawatankuasa baru ini kita melihat penglibatan dari pelbagai latarbelakang pustakawan iaitu dari IPTA, IPTS, Maktab Perguruan dan Perpustakaan Negeri. Ini akan memberi kepelbagaian dalam pengurusan serta pengendalian aktiviti dan program. Diharap jawatankuasa baru ini dalam menjalankan aktiviti dan program bagi mencapai objektif kita iaitu:
Memartabatkan profesion pustakawan di Sarawak
Menaikan profesion pustakawan agar diiktiraf masyarakat di Negeri ini.

Semua objektif dan usaha ini memerlukan sokongan padu dari semua ahli PPMKSAR. Segala matlamat ini tidak akan menjadi kenyataan sekiranya tiada sokongan dan kerjasama ahli-ahli persatuan.

Akhir sekali, terima kasih diatas jasa-jasa, usaha-usaha yang telah diberikan oleh jawatankuasa terdahulu terutama Puan Margaret Simeng, Pengerusi PPMKSAR Sesi 2004 – 2006 yang telah menerajui PPMKSAR pada penggal yang lepas dengan jayanya.

Sekian, terima kasih

Puan Rashidah Bolhassan
PPMKSAR 2006-2008